Pep Talk #3

Don’t hold grudges. Get over it! Forgiveness is so important if you want to live a life of peace. If you cut off everyone who has ever made a mistake or rubbed you the wrong way, you might as well cut yourself off too. Take note of actions. Just don’t dwell on them.

Internship Lessons

In one of my previous posts,¬†Following The Signs, I talk about how anxious I was starting my new internship which involves early childhood education. Now that this experience is coming to an end, I would like to share just how much I’ve grown and what I’ve learned about myself. 1. I am way less awkward […]

Ex Files

Many of us get so caught up in relationships we don’t realize we had lives before that person showed up. I wanted to write this letter to show women that there are valuable lessons you learn from your past partners. And yes, it is okay to cry, but eventually you should take¬†a moment to think […]