New Beginnings

I recently decided to come out of my introvert shell and start a vlog. Videos have been a lot more popular in today’s world and I thought I would give it a shot. If you look at the women on TV and in the media right now, we don’t have many role models to look […]

Developing the Beauty Within

For those of you who are new to my blog, I want you to understand why I started writing. In addition, you can check out my first post:┬áThe Reason. My aim has evolved to mean much more. I’d be lying if I said this blog wasn’t created for women in particular. I think it’s apparent […]

Living Up To My Name

In making this blog, not only do I want to share things with you about confidence and body image, but I would also like to share myself with you. A lot of people look at me and automatically assume things. “Oh she’s so quiet.” “She’s such a good girl.” I want to be the one […]

The Reason

I’ve always had problems with anxiety. Example: I will throw on an outfit to go hang out with some friends. Once I’m out and about having a good time, anxiety. Because I just thought of something better I could have worn. Yeah yeah, I know. It’s crazy. Another more realistic example of my anxiety is […]