Glass Half Full

I have had some unfortunate relationship issues recently. I won’t go into detail, but it’s important to mention since I am about to tell you guys how optimism has shown up in my life this month. Experiencing heartbreak while simultaneously moving to a new city for work may have been one of the best things […]

It’s All About You

A lot of you probably thought it was a typo when I made this month “Selfish September.” But you read correctly. I figured “Selfless September” was too obvious. We all already know how great it is to help others. Most of us never take the time out to think about ourselves and what we want. […]

Just Keep Pedaling

I recently went to New York to visit one of my best friends. She is very adventurous so I always expect to do something out of my comfort zone when I’m with her. Whether it’s trying some dish with a sunny-side up egg on top or experiencing Miami nightlife, I know it will always be […]