The Crown

Not too long ago, I was dating this guy who I thought would be my last. He started out calling me his queen so naturally, I started calling him my king. #ThrowUp, I know. I was at a point where I always wanted to make him happy so I bought him a “just because” gift. […]

Glass Half Full

I have had some unfortunate relationship issues recently. I won’t go into detail, but it’s important to mention since I am about to tell you guys how optimism has shown up in my life this month. Experiencing heartbreak while simultaneously moving to a new city for work may have been one of the best things […]

To All My Friends (New & Old)

I have to really know a person for a while before I’m able to open up to them about my feelings. Even knowing someone for years, it’s still pretty difficult for me to express myself sometimes. Lately I’ve been venting to multiple people and it’s creeping me out. I don’t know why, but I feel […]

Just Be Nice

A few years ago, I got a tattoo. It was such a random night. My friends wanted to do something exciting and spontaneous. Their idea of exciting: piercings. I knew that wasn’t for me. Not because of pain, but because of the healing process. I already had bad luck with piercings in the past. That’s […]

Moral March

Right and wrong. Good and bad. This month is all about morality and realizing which values are important to you. Take a look at my new video to find out why you should be moral this month.

The Truth

A few days ago, I lied to a guy about why I hadn’t responded to his text. Now that I’m thinking about it, I’m not really sure why I lied. I’m obviously not interested anymore. I couldn’t even respond to a simple message that said “Hey.” But why didn’t I just tell him that? It’s […]

Pep Talk #5

If you say that you are going to help someone with something, do it. Don’t wait for them to come back to you months later and say, “Hey, did you do that thing for me yet?” Complete the task immediately/as soon as you can. This will build trust. That person will now appreciate your character, […]

Pep Talk #3

Don’t hold grudges. Get over it! Forgiveness is so important if you want to live a life of peace. If you cut off everyone who has ever made a mistake or rubbed you the wrong way, you might as well cut yourself off too. Take note of actions. Just don’t dwell on them.

Pep Talk #2

If you want to change, or improve yourself, do it for YOU. Changing for the benefit of others is very risky; whoever that other person is has the option of leaving. But you have to live with yourself/who you are forever.