CHAMP Returns

It’s been a while huh? But I’m back!

First, I’d like to thank my friends, family, and other readers who constantly push me by casually asking, “How’s your blog coming along?” or “When’s your next post?” Simple interactions like these make me realize that people are actually reading what I have to say, which means I’m doing what I set out to do when I began blogging. Inspire.

Two major things happened while I was away:

  1. I celebrated my one year anniversary at my first big girl job.

    I remember creating a digital invitation for an event at my job last year and thinking, “Wow, I would love to be able to create things similar to this all day.” As you may remember from my previous post, I picked up these marketing/communications duties to simply explore my interests. Well… as of August, I have officially become a member of our External Affairs team! In this new position, creating is the bulk of my day-to-day tasks and I couldn’t be happier.

    I am so grateful to have a job that I actually enjoy and continuously pushes me to grow.

  2. I became a licensed Zumba instructor!

    I was missing dance like crazy. I did join a weekly dance class; however, it no longer fit in my budget. So I figured, why not dance and be able to make money while doing it. On top of that, I will be able to afford to go back to the awesome studio I was previously attending.

    Of course, the work did not stop after training. I have been working hard on compiling my first playlist and learning/creating choreography, which is a lot tougher than I imagined. But I love coming home and turning on my Zumba jams.

I have truly been on the grind, and I am proud of all I have accomplished since the last time I posted. I will definitely be dedicating more time to writing, so don’t worry, you’ll be hearing from me more often.



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