Awkward… Or Nah

Fearless February is coming to an end so I thought I’d share a personal experience of overcoming a fear of mine.

If you know me well, you know that human interaction is not my fave. I get super anxious and awkward, hence why I love writing since I have time to think about exactly what I want to say and the message I want to get across. With this being said, I have always been slightly intimidated by taking a job at a retail store. There is endless interaction and that has seemed scary to me in the past.

I came to a point last month where I became very bored and felt useless on weekends so I decided to look into getting a job at a clothing store at the mall. If I was going to find something to do, I might as well make a little extra money and new friends while doing it.

I am pleased to share that this has been a pretty enjoyable experience so far. I love being a resource to others so this has been a good opportunity for that. Helping girls/women complete outfits and sharing information about our current sales has actually been fun.

I’ve been getting to experiment with my own wardrobe as well, since I’m limited to business casual at my full-time job. This means that working at this new store could be a little dangerous for my paycheck. I always know when we get new items, which I end up buying with my employee discount (which is another added bonus).

I’m so thankful for this job. New clothes. New friends. Plus my managers are happy to have me on the team. I feel so comfortable at this job, it’s a little weird. But getting out of my comfort zone is what I was aiming to do and it’s working out pretty well.

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