The Crown

Not too long ago, I was dating this guy who I thought would be my last. He started out calling me his queen so naturally, I started calling him my king. #ThrowUp, I know.

I was at a point where I always wanted to make him happy so I bought him a “just because” gift. And let me tell you, when I give gifts, I put so much thought into them. But I have to be really close to you to know what you’d love.

This guy loved hats. Dad hats to be exact. The baseball ones that are super simple with a random picture or saying on the front. He was also a Kanye West fan. I found a hat online that had a crown on it, because ya know he was my king and all. But as a bonus, it was a Jean-Michel Basquiat crown (I remembered Kanye mentioning this artist in one of his songs). I’m like yaaas, add to cart!

It didn’t take long after I bought the hat for things to start going downhill. I didn’t know what to do with it. It rode around in my car for a while. Should I give it to him in the hopes that it would rekindle our relationship? Should I return it? Hide it in my closet?

This purchase and the contemplation of what to do with the hat has brought me to reality. This was a huge metaphor. The hat was my crown. Why would I give it to someone who didn’t protect my heart? Why would I return it if I worked hard for it? Why hide something I’m so proud of?Β I am a queen, with or without him.

So yes, I’m keeping the hat because it’s fly af.

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