Don’t Worry, You’ll Figure It Out

Just something I found in my journal that I thought might be helpful for you guys, especially bringing in the new year :)

At this age, we think we’re supposed to know what we’re doing. We think that we can figure out our whole lives in a matter of minutes. With planning and goal-setting. The truth is you just have to live life as it comes to you. Experience new things. Make a note of what you like and dislike.

It took a long chain of events for me to realize what I like. I went to Coastal. Thought I wanted to become a pharmacist so I moved back home and transferred to USC. I noticed that science wasn’t my best or favorite subject. So I toned it down a little and became a Public Health major. I became interested in women’s issues which led me to start a minor in Women’s & Gender Studies. I had a real passion for getting my thoughts across in the most introverted way; writing. I started a blog and here I am.

I said all this to show you that life is a journey. It’s YOUR journey. It’s important to listen to your heart (as cliche as that may sound). Everything you learn through trial and error of finding your life’s purpose is useful whether you know it or not. We tend to think that life is depicted as a straight line, mostly an upward incline, when in reality it is full of loops, squiggles, and plateaus. Making everyone’s journey unique. Life happens, and sometimes you have to leave a little wiggle room in your master plan.

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