Year of the CHAMP

The first year of living like a CHAMP has come to an end. Being able to look back at what I’ve accomplished is amazing. I am beyond proud of myself for setting my own goals and to see CHAMP grow the way it has. So why not use this as my example for Dedicated December?

This year I have:

  • Taught myself how to create graphics
  • Taught myself how to edit videos
  • Inspired a couple friends to start blogs
  • Learned to cook things besides pasta
  • Secured a job and moved to a new city!

Most importantly, I have begun to live more like a CHAMP. This blog has definitely been a great tool for me to reach out to you guys. But it has also been a way for me to “practice what I preach.” The 2016 Monthly Challenge has truly been a learning experience and I can’t wait to continue next year (and hopefully more in-depth).

So thank you:

To those of you who have read any of my posts and/or given me feedback
To my friends and family for encouraging me

You guys are awesome and I really appreciate all you’ve done to help me on this journey.

In case you missed it, click here to see what this challenge was all about.

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