Naturalize Your Life

I have recently developed an obsession with all things natural. It all started when I discovered Lush products. Since joining #TeamNatural, I have been on the hunt for the perfect moisturizer because my hair is dry as a chip. I finally stumbled upon Lush’s R&B Hair Moisturizer. It changed my life. This is the only product that will leave my hair feeling super soft. As a plus, it smells heavenly.

The beauty of Lush is the ingredients. Their website is very focused on letting you know what the major components of the products are. Now that I work walking distance from the actual store, I went in to explore.

I left with 3 things:

  • R&B (of course)
  • Bubbly Shower Gel – The smell of this shower gel alone makes me so happy.
  • Avocado Cowash Sample – The sales associate slipped this sample into my bag because she noticed that I was natural and it had been a best seller for many other naturals who came in.

I have already started investigating their facial cleansers and will be purchasing one soon. My master plan is to eventually convert to Lush for all of my beauty products. One step at a time.

Another natural thing I’ve started doing is using essential oils (thanks to my aunt). I started out diffusing blends at home just for the scent. Oils that will simply uplift mood. My aunt recently made some customized blends for me. I was able to tell her a few health issues I face (headaches, insomnia, and anxiety) and she provided me with rollers. You guys. These things really work.

I use a FitBit to track my sleep at night and I’m usually restless 6 or 7 times every night. Once I got my blends, I rolled Sleepy Time on the bottoms of my feet and at the back of my neck. I slept so peacefully. I woke up the next morning, checked my sleep tracker, and I was only restless 1 time!

Natural is the way to go.

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