Just Keep Pedaling

I recently went to New York to visit one of my best friends. She is very adventurous so I always expect to do something out of my comfort zone when I’m with her. Whether it’s trying some dish with a sunny-side up egg on top or experiencing Miami nightlife, I know it will always be a fun time.

On my trip, we had just finished walking the Brooklyn Bridge in its entirety. Then she says, “Let’s bike through the city!” I immediately freak out. Now keep in mind that I didn’t learn to ride a bike until fourth or fifth grade. I don’t think I had been on a bike since then…

Needless to say this adventure was stressful. Not only did I have to reteach myself how to ride, but I also cut my knee in the process. I had never ridden through a large city before. Dodging people and cars was a challenge. On top of that, I kept getting foot cramps when we had to stop because my bike was too big for me!

Even though I struggled, there were some nice moments. Like when we got to the bike park where there was no traffic. The view of the water and the breeze on my face was amazing. And because I was able to ride long enough (even though it took me forever to catch up), we were close to this shop that had the best gelato I have ever tasted. I deserved to treat myself!

IMG_1280Location: Amorino
Flavors: Chocolate, Cinnamon, Strawberry

Looking back on this trip, I’m so happy I didn’t wimp out and end up walking. It was definitely an experience I will never forget. It left me with a scar and a funny (embarrassing) story to tell.


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