Slow Down

One of my biggest pet peeves is driving, especially when there is a lot of traffic. Mainly because of impatient people. The ones who are swerving and switching lanes on the interstate. In stand-still traffic. Where are you going..? It’s so frustrating because they will squeeze into other lanes, almost causing an accident. Their impatience agitates me.

I said all this to say how important it is to have patience. Being able to slow down and take your time allows you to avoid unnecessary stress. In some ways, I feel that technology has really taken away from our ability to wait. For example, cell phones. There are so many things you can achieve just by pulling out your phone and touching a few buttons or apps. Since we are spoiled in this way, it can be hard for us to really wait for results in general.

Technology has been growing rapidly since I was born so I am definitely guilty of being impatient; this shows the most when it comes to reaching my goals. I am in such a rush to become independent, but it takes time. It is so important to me to be in a career that will support me financially. But I also want to really love what I do. I think we can all learn to live life a little slower sometimes. Fast isn’t always good. Sloooow down!

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