New Year, New Attitude

It’s 2016! I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. I’m sure you’ve seen plenty of ‘new year, new me’ posts at this point. So I apologize in advance for any repetition you might come across in my first post of the year.

For most, the new year is a symbol of new beginnings. Making new habits. One thing I think we all need a little more of this year is positivity. Things definitely aren’t always going to go as planned so it’s important to have a positive outlook to keep yourself motivated.

Perfect example. I graduated from college last month. So you know what that means… The job search begins! I actually started filling out applications in September. Unfortunately, I haven’t gotten a job yet, but I haven’t let that affect my attitude. I continue to apply. Something will come up eventually. In the meantime, I am a) considering taking on some volunteer hours and b) enjoying this in-between stage of relaxation.

Negativity can cause you to give up. And let’s face it, nothing good comes from that. So the next time you are in an undesirable situation, think about alternative solutions and try to find the bright side.

Remember: Resolutions aren’t just for January 1st. You could decide to make changes in the middle of March. It all depends on when you feel ready. No pressure.

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