It’s About More Than The Tatas

It’s breast cancer awareness month! Get ready to see “save the tatas” bracelets, tshirts, and stickers everywhere. Because ya know, that’s essentially what breast cancer is all about. (sarcasm)

This is something that has gotten under my skin for quite some time now. The sexualization of diseases is becoming a thing. People should devote their donations and compassion towards the patients themselves, not the body parts. Think about the emotional stress that someone goes through once they are diagnosed with cancer. Breast cancer awareness is about much more than the breasts, but the individual’s peace of mind as well.

Don’t get me wrong, the slogan is cute and clever, but I honestly think it’s time for a new one. One with some kind of depth. It’s time we stop reducing the seriousness of this disease to protecting a pair of mammary glands.

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