Ex Files

Many of us get so caught up in relationships we don’t realize we had lives before that person showed up. I wanted to write this letter to show women that there are valuable lessons you learn from your past partners. And yes, it is okay to cry, but eventually you should take a moment to think of the positive things that came from these experiences.

Disclaimer: This post is not intended for one specific ex. It is a compilation of thoughts from my past relationships, and even some of my friends.


All I ever used to do is think about all the time we put in together and how it seemed like a waste. I felt like all of my displays of affection were useless. Because it’s over. It appeared that you could move on so easily. I was stuck. I made you out to be my biggest enemy, when the real problem was my obsession with reminiscing. Now that I am making new memories, ours are pushed to the back of my mind.

I realize that what we had and lost has taught me a lot about myself. I have learned what kind of lover I am. I know how I like to express and receive commitment. I know what I will no longer tolerate. Most importantly, I am still me. We may have been together for some months, but I have so many more months ahead of me. Looking at the big picture, you are a small, but significant part of my life.

I’m so glad that I am finally happy without you. I hope that you learned something from being with me. I hope that I inspired you. And I hope that you are at peace with your decisions.


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