Owning My Natural Hair

I’ve always admired the natural black woman’s hair. Its rebelliousness and the fact that everyone has various curl patterns. It’s unique and truly beautiful to me. The first time I big chopped, I aspired to be like my hairspiration: Erykah Badu. Mostly because we have similar hair texture and she’s stunning.

What I didn’t know is how challenging this journey would be. I’ve been through so many styles trying to figure out what fits me best. Especially during the awkward TWA (teeny weeny afro) phase. I realized that protective styles would always and forever be my best friends. Things like micro braids and Marley twists. I even tried weave for a little while!

Not very many people know this about me, but my hair has always been the biggest contributor to my self-consciousness. Whenever I had a bad hair day, I didn’t want to leave the house. Not even with a hat on. Going natural actually helped to boost my self-esteem; I style my own hair and have come up with my very own regimen. (Please comment if you would like for me to share that with you in another post!) The fact that I like the outcome of my work when I’m done feels amazing. Making my mom and grandmother proud (literally to the point of tears) is a bonus.

Of course, I had the occasional relapse. I wanted my hair to blow in the wind sometimes, so I went to a salon to get it blown out in the past. Now that I am embracing my natural, it is frustrating to see those few strands of damaged hair in the back that won’t curl like the rest. It is so empowering to finally reach this stage where I don’t want ANY straight hairs. So you can probably guess that I haven’t been to the salon in a long time, which I’m loving. I save so much money! And time (believe it or not).

I may not be at the length I want yet, but I am very pleased with my progress. In order to get to where I am, I’ve done massive amounts of research (mostly YouTube tutorials). I continue to learn more as time goes on. This journey has given me the opportunity to not only grow my hair, but my sense of perseverance and independence as well.

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