The Game Of Life

I’m usually not one to talk about controversial topics because I hate confrontation, but just hear me out. We know that things like sexism and racism still exist. But why? It probably has something to do with the way our society runs. Have you ever thought about how we are fueled on competition?

Let’s take a look at where we spend most of our time, the school system. “I have to make this GPA.” “I have to go to college.” “My resume has to look better than the next person’s.” It’s usually about being the best in comparison to someone else. And we wonder why gender equality or even sexuality equality aren’t present today. It’s how we were raised. We were brought up in a society that is based on numbers, and there is always a number higher than the next. So of course we would use this logic for human beings as well. If life is a competition, someone will always be less than first place.

I’m certainly not condoning inequality, but I just want to open your mind to the possibilities (aside from the reasons we all jump to so quickly). These problems are complex and we must take the time to consider all the contributions to the issue.

Comparing yourself to others is wrong on so many levels. If you desperately need to measure your progress, it should be in comparison to your past self. That is the only way to get an accurate and precise answer. Putting yourself on a balancing scale with other people is unreliable and unrealistic. Every individual has his or her own aspirations and experiences so it makes no sense to judge yourself (or others) based on another person’s standards.

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