Living Up To My Name

In making this blog, not only do I want to share things with you about confidence and body image, but I would also like to share myself with you. A lot of people look at me and automatically assume things. “Oh she’s so quiet.” “She’s such a good girl.” I want to be the one to dictate who I am. Sure, I can be quiet at times, but that’s not the only trait that defines me. Get ready because I will be writing more personal posts to show you guys what I’m all about. For this post, I’ll start from the beginning.

When I was born in New York, my mom had already determined names for me. If I was a girl, I’d be Yolanda. If I was a boy, I’d be Kevin. When I came into the world, my mom decided I didn’t look like a Yolanda, but a Tierra instead.

If you roll the R’s, my name actually means Mother Earth in Spanish. I didn’t have any knowledge of this until I started taking Spanish class in middle school. I didn’t think much of the meaning of my name until now.

When I think of Earth, I immediately imagine nature and trees. My obsession with trees and the color green probably stems from this fact. I have a decal from the cover of “The Giving Tree” by Shel Silverstein on my laptop. I have a tapestry of a forest in my room. And I simply love being outside on a nice day enjoying the scenery.

Not only does my name shape my interests, but my goals as well. Focusing on the Mother part of Mother Earth, giving birth comes to mind. I’m definitely not saying I’m ready to have a living, breathing child. But I would love to bring a new perspective into the world. I want people to think differently about behaviors that are considered normal for the twenty first century.

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