Dirty Money

I feel that many women are unaware of what is going on around them. We go out and buy every product imaginable. If we use these things, we believe that we will be better. In comparison to our mediocre selves and any other woman. Usually not mentally, but physically. Because, let’s face it, being a woman is all about what’s on the outside. At least that’s what big industries want us to think.

They make advertisements that tell us we can have “smaller waists” and “shinier hair” if we visit our local beauty supply store or call the number on the screen. These companies target their products at women because the secret is out: Women are insecure.

Women are not happy with their bodies so they will stop at nothing to “fix” them. And of course, the woman is always the one to blame for these actions. In reality, we should be taking a closer look at our environment. This is what I plan to do on my blog journey. Finding out who is using what tactics to make women think they are anything less than beautiful.

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